New Scholarships in Australia in 2021 ! 8 New Offers


Scholarships in Australia ! All New Scholarship Offers for Foreign and International Students in Australia in 2021 !

You are offered to explore the new Australia scholarships for foreign students for the academic years 2021-2022

For each scholarship, 4 pieces of information will be presented.

  • The name of the scholarship
  • The level of study
  • And the academic year
  • Links to have more information and send your request

The 8 New Scholarships in Australia in 2021 !

8. Monash International Leadership Scholarships (4 Scholarships)

7. Engineering international undergraduate excellence scholarships

6. Engineering excellence scholarships (50 Scholarships)

5. Biomedicine Discovery Scholarships

4. ANU global diversity scholarships (150 Scholarships)

3. ANU chancellors international scholarships (200 Scholarships)

2. Master of professional engineering scholarships

1. Engineering excellence scholarships UTS

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You Can find more scholarships for international students in :

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